2 Reasons You Need a VPN Service in Australia


A VPN or a virtual private network is a term that is often referred to online by many blogs and technology enthusiasts and today I will be looking at the Seven reasons why you ultimately need a VPN service in the modern day Internet world, most VPN providers are available to purchase for as little as a few dollars per month but what do you actually get for this and why should you purchase such a service.


1, Remain Anonymous Online

The first way a VPN can help you is by ensuring that you remain anonymous when you are surfing the Internet. When you connect to the Internet your computer is a signed an IP address which identifies you on the worldwide web and this can be tracked by anyone who wishes to find out a little bit more about who you are.

Ultimately if you are browsing the Internet looking at news articles or watching YouTube videos no one is going to care about your IP address or wonder what you are up to, however when you go to log into a website or you submit a form on the Internet Your IP address is often captured and stored as well as provided to the Webmaster or the owners of that website.

This can present a lot of issues especially if you wanted to remain anonymous on the Internet, the way to get around this is to use a virtual private network which automatically routes your connexion via a server in another country thus giving the impression that your IP address that people see on the Internet is different to your actual IP address.

An example here is that if you had an IP address in Australia and you decided to use one of the best VPN providers in Australia and connected to a server in the United States of America you would have a IP address of a server in say a city such as Los Angeles so when you are browsing the Internet you’re appearing as if you are in Los Angeles when in fact you may be based in Sydney Australia.

This allows you to remain anonymous online because anyone that tries to look up that IP address will find out that it is a hosting company which means that it is untraceable.

Most VPN providers don’t keep any logs so even if someone wanted to question who was using that IP address at the time Anne went to that VPN provider, they would not be able to trace back who was using that connexion at the time , thus making this the perfect way to remain anonymous online.


  1. Unlock Geo-Restricted Content

the second reason you should purchase a VPN is to unlock Geo restricted content otherwise known as bypassing restrictions. An example here is you may have tried to watch something on the BBC iPlayer from a country outside the United Kingdom and found out that this was not working.

For example, here in Australia if you try and access the iPlayer you will be presented with an access denied and a not in your area error message which displays on the screen.