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Most Psychotic Anime Characters of All Time

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Just like other anime lovers, you might have been watching a wide array of anime for as long as you can remember. With such various verses, you are brought to the different worlds and characters.there’s a chance that the characters that you’ve come across, some of them might be insane, unpredictable, and crazy. But you know that without them, the story of the anime series will be bland. Here are the top psychotic anime characters who have such unique characters and behaviors.

Shuu Tsukiyama

Shuu Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul is definitely a lunatic person. You’d agree that he is fashionable and knows a lot about manners. But that’s only for the glance. He is the actually nutty person. He considers himself as a top predator. He has an overwhelming obsession towards Ken Kaneki. But the obsession grows to be a friendly feeling. Most of the time, Shuu adores Ken Kaneki in such an odd way, making his friendship relationship odd as well.


Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter is not the new lunatic person. When we were kids, we were afraid of clowns. Hisoka is definitely one of them in our current timeline. He is a major threat in the Hunter x Hunter, especially for Gon. But surprisingly, he tends to appear more anti-hero than villain.

Shou Tucker

Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, he is one of the most hated characters in the entire series. He is intelligent. But his psychotic behaviors are the most annoying. He made a creature that can speak like a human which was his own wife. He is a madman who also fuse his own daughter with the family of dogs to create a new creature.

Yagami Light

Light from Death Note starts as a protagonist in the early phase of the anime. But not for so long since Ryuuk gave him the Death Note book. Since he got the book, he became a madman playing as God. The book and the pen are his tools to give the criminals a death sentence.


Lucy from Elfen Lied has such broken mind. Lucy is diclonius, a creature who has insane power in the form of invisible hands. With these tools, she could grab and cut anything as she like. Thanks to her traumatic and sadden past, she is out for vengeance. She becomes broken and murderous because of injustice that happened to her in the past. She wants everyone who failed her to pay for their crime.

Anime Characters

Gasai Yuno

Mirai Nikki or Future Diary has brought us to the suspense fantasy world. Not only because of the themes of the anime, but also the great characters filled in the anime. Gasai Yuno is sweet, cute, and hot. But don’t let the appearance fool you. She is actually broken. She is the stalker of Yukiteru. With such overwhelming affections, she will kill everyone who gets in her way. Imagine having a stalker who admires you but she is going to kill anyone who hinders her.

Johan Liebert from Monster is definitely the way we describe the madness. He was broken, insane, and unpredictable. He was the result of the inhuman experiments. Obviously, the unfortunate event has led him to be that way.