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SEO audit is an effective tool that will help you monitor

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SEO audit is an effective tool that will help you monitor your site’s SEO status. It is a means of checking on the progress of search engine optimization. If you own a business website, SEO audit is one of the best ways to ensure that your website is still in its top ranking position after several years of its creation. Search engine optimization is simply the method of enhancing the quantity and quality of site traffic coming to a specific website or a particular web page from various search engines around the world. The traffic that will result will be the site’s targeted traffic. SEO aims for paid traffic instead of direct traffic or organic traffic.

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Generally, these audits focus on different areas of a particular website, such as the design, contents, tags, images or videos. However, on-page audit is not included in the scope of this article, as it is often perceived as the more technical audit type. The purpose of this audit is to ensure the relevance of your pages to the keywords or phrases that you use. To make this easier to understand, you can divide the technical audit into two major categories:

These two types of audits, in terms of how they work, generally follow the same process. They start with keyword research, which includes analyzing the density, frequency and use of keywords on a given page. Next, they look at the content’s structure, looking for any inconsistencies with the rules that search spiders apply. Lastly, they perform a deep crawl through the site to check for the existence of any technical issues that might be related to the application of the rules and algorithms that search spiders use.