Basic Education in the United States


Education is a system of acquiring knowledge, developing individuals’ learning ability and equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance their lives and contribute to society. Education involves the systematic development of the individual’s mind through various methods such as teaching, research, practice, assessment and evaluation. Education also includes the process of facilitating personal learning, the acquisition of personal skills, ideas, values, beliefs, and social attitudes. Educational systems usually involve training, teaching, research, practice and guided observation.

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In a formal educational system, students are formally enrolled in schools and colleges. Most of the students are required to complete a curriculum based on the social, moral and educational requirements of a particular society. The process of education includes learning through formal classes, tutoring and instructions, as well as participation in extracurricular activities.

Informal education is informal means of education that is carried out by teachers and other educators besides attending regular school sessions. These informal education programs are carried out for all subjects such as English, mathematics, reading and writing, science, history, geography, psychology, social studies and more. Teachers may impart their opinions and provide explanations about a certain topic. Students can communicate with each other through writing letters and discussion boards. This type of informal education is widely available in most of the schools and colleges throughout the United States. It provides a good foundation to advance to higher levels in education.