Becoming a Bodyguard – Becoming an Important Part of the Public Safety System

Close protection officers (CPO), or professionally trained bodyguards, maintain client safety by preventing potential harm or unwanted attention from strangers. Their primary function is: checking out potential premises, including hotels, diners, and theaters, prior to the customer arrives.

In this type of security service, vip close Protection London officers (CPO) perform multiple duties to ensure the client’s safety but are rarely onsite for any given duty. These Bodyguard professionals are licensed in the many areas of law enforcement and the use of force. The majority of Bodyguard agencies offer a basic Bodyguard course to new Bodyguard trainees to insure basic knowledge and skills are learned.

The basic training required consists of physical conditioning, weapon identification and knowledge, tactical planning, communication and leadership, and investigation. The practical assessment portion of the training teaches Bodyguard personnel to recognize and deal with situations in which their own personal safety may be threatened.

The four areas of bodyguard work that are assessed during the practical assessment portion of the training include: public relations, critical incident response, apprehension, and the watch department. The areas are self-explanatory; therefore, no professional Bodyguard will be expected to perform these tasks alone. In order to assess these important skills, a thorough knowledge of these topics must be acquired through thorough training and a certification from a recognized Bodyguard Academy.

Becoming a Bodyguard can be exciting, and rewarding. Although it is one of the most demanding job descriptions, Bodyguard agencies are highly competitive for qualified Bodyguard recruits, and the pay is often better than the city average salary. Because the Bodyguard profession is relatively new, and because many Bodyguard agencies prefer that their Bodyguard graduates undergo an extensive practical assessment prior to hiring, most Bodyguard agencies offer a guaranteed placement, job interview, and induction into the program upon successful completion of the training. For those people who are interested in becoming a Bodyguard, the future looks very bright indeed.