Biotechnology Jobs Require A Bachelor’s Degree In Biochemistry

Biotechnology careers are on the rise and that is good news for those who love to work with living organisms. The field of biotechnology has been around for quite some time, but it has only recently gained popularity because of the new technologies and discoveries that have been made. The job market for biotechnology positions is expected to grow significantly in the next few years because of the need to use living organisms in all sorts of medical research. One of the best ways for those with a Master’s in biotechnology to find employment is to pursue internships that can help them develop a successful career. There are many biotechnology jobs available at any number of colleges and universities, so those who plan on attending grad school should consider applying to at least a few programs to get an early start. Those with a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology usually have more opportunities to find work, but those with master’s degrees will have a leg up on their competition.

A handful of the biotechnology jobs that can be found these days are those associated with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. These positions usually require candidates to have a Bachelors degree in chemistry, computer science, biology, or medical sciences and a four to six year track record of related internships or volunteer work in the field. Because most biotechnology positions are held in senior management roles, those with experience working in the field can often qualify for positions that involve running a department, overseeing the production lines of biotechnological plants, or simply helping out in a laboratory. Those with degrees in medical sciences, such as science, nursing, and biology that give them the skills to handle other aspects of medical care usually do well in biotechnology jobs.

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The good thing about biotechnology jobs is that most of them do not require a Ph.D. in molecular biology, although some industries do require individuals to have this in order to be considered for senior level positions. Those interested in working in biotechnology should consider a post-baccalaureate program that can help them prepare for a career in molecular biology or in other related fields. With a few college classes under their belt, students can then pursue an online molecular biology career that will give them the job skills to succeed in the biotechnology industry.