Brushes and roller skids remove dirt from carpet

Carpet cleaning is carried out to remove dirt, stains, and allergens in carpets. Common methods used include hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and dry-clean or bonnet cleaning. The main components of a carpet cleaning machine include a vacuum cleaner, cleaning solutions, brushes, vacuum bags, vacuums, and rollers. The vacuum cleaner carries the dirt and debris off the carpet, while the cleaning solutions kill soil particles and clean stains and dirt. Vacuums remove soil and debris that is not easily removed with wet vacuums.

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Brushes and roller skids remove dirt from carpet using a combination of suction power and rotary brushing. It is important to use a mild detergent for carpets to avoid damaging the carpet or soiling it. Mild cleaners also have a neutral pH that prevents mildew and protects the carpet from allergies. Dry cleaning processes do not use any detergent, but use a powder-based detergent and a soft brush to loosen dirt and soil particles.

Carpet shampoos are applied to damp carpets and gently work into the hair and roots to remove soil and debris. The carpet shampooing solution is a combination of 100% polyethylene and olefin, mixed together with water. Carpet shampoos are not recommended for carpets where the hair has become completely soiled or where there are already signs of mildew or moss. A carpet shampooing solution should be used sparingly, as shampooing can cause damage to the fabric, especially if the carpet is not thoroughly dried first.