Build a Real Estate Website Marketing Administration

“built a real estate website marketing administration” is what my husband was thinking when he started us building our real estate website marketing administration two years ago. We knew we wanted to do something good for our clients by helping them find the right home, and also help homeowners market themselves with this new tool. We also knew we wanted to build an affordable website that was easy for homeowners to use and understand. That’s where we are today.

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When my husband and I started working on our real estate website marketing plan, we decided to build a community we called “The Lawn Mower Place.” This became such a success we decided to take it a step further and name it “The Home Rescue Team.” We created a Facebook page for our service area and listed a map that pointed to our new location. We created several newsletters for our area and even added a YouTube channel. Now our clients have hundreds of friends who have already visited our lawn mowing service!

To build our real estate website marketing campaign, we had to come up with several ways to get qualified leads for our services. We knew that would include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which was crucial. We created several articles about how to use SEO and set up blogs in several of the niche blogs. Finally, we created a PDF that contained all of our content as well as a link for people to access our website through the “Home Rescue” button we included on the front page.