Can Certified Public Accountant Help You with Business Financial Planning?


Chances are you’ve been looking for the right austin cpa firm to help your business with the bookkeeping and accounting. When a cpa austin professional pitch their financial planning services, how would you respond to this offer? Should your CPA help you with the financial planning for your business too?

When you experience this, you don’t need to worry. It is not surprising that the austin cpa firm also offers you financial planning services as well. It is because they are able to calculate your income taxes. When you hire a certified accountant, you are also hiring an adviser to help your business grow. Ideally, you can also rely on them to help conduct the financial planning. So, when you get this offer, you have the right to consider it. If you need an advisory service here are the ways to find out if you have landed on the right choice or not.

Confirm their credentials

To carry such duties, the professionals need to have PFS credentials. PFS is a Personal Financial Specialist. Not all CPAs have these credentials. So, if you trust a particular CPA professional, but he or she does not have any PFS credential, you must think twice before using their financial planning service. You can find the proof of the credential through PFS official website.

Get the details of their services

It can be the right time to ask them more pressing questions about the services. Whether it is for your small to mid-sized business, or a corporate that you are involved with, you need to know the area of their expertise. Not all cpa austin providers can help you with the financial planning.

Who will be working with you

When it comes to the austin cpa services, the good relationship with your business is the key. You need to find out who will be dispatched to work alongside your business team. This person-in-charge is the one who owns the relationship. Clarify the thing before it gets too late. You will want to be sure that you are okay to work with the particular person. If you have built a good relationship with a particular Austin CPA firm, it will be possible for you to request something specific to them.

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Different firms might have different ways of pricing. Make sure you comprehend the way your accountant is being compensated. Some CPAs are paid per hour. Meanwhile, some others are paid per project. Some of them also have other ways to price the services such as commission-based. You will want to be clear about how your financial adviser will be paid. With such transparent information, it will keep you away from the problem later on.

The takeaway

Not all the CPA firms can hire good accountants. But the more significant takeaway that you need to consider is the fact that not all accountants can be a great financial planner. Our best suggestion is to focus on an Austin CPA firm that has particular financial planners in their roster.