Chakra Healing Using Sterling Silver Crystals

Chakra Healing is a procedure of manipulating how energy flows through the different chakras or wheels of universal energy. In this brief article we will discover exactly what chakra healing is and why it is so important right now, explore every chakra in greater detail and discover how to utilize chakra healing using crystals for maximum positive result. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that simply translates into the “wheel” or “disk”. The wheel is an excellent metaphor for the human body as it is a miniature universe comprised of interlocking shells of living matter that spin and orbit around our bodies. Each of these smaller shells has an effect on us from a physical level by facilitating movement, temperature, blood circulation, etc. In chakra system there are twenty-two energy centers referred to as chakras, seven of which are located in the upper back, twelve in the lower back, four in the abdomen area, and two in the crown chakra.

Chakra energy healing works with the power of the quartz crystal called “sparks”. These small crystals vibrate at frequencies to heal, balance, and harmonize the chakras. When you wear a sterling silver scepter, necklace or bracelet with a strong vibrant silver colored stone such as an Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz, Rubies, Emerald, Amethyst or any of the other colors of the rainbow, you are empowering the healing power of these precious stones to work on your body. Whenever you wear a silver scepter, your body will begin to experience subtle fluctuations in its energy fields as the power of these crystals are transferred through them to your aura, which is your natural light-energy bubble surrounding your body.

How To Open Root Chakra

By wearing a chakra jewelry that helps bring more of these precious stones into your aura, you will begin to experience a greater sense of well being. This will also help you to eliminate negative emotions that might have been building up within your emotions for many years. This healing property of chakra jewelry naturally promotes a faster removal of negative emotional influences from your environment. It also helps to increase the production of happy hormones in your body which will help you have a happier outlook on life in general.