Home security consists of both the technological security

Home security consists of both the technological security hardware put onto a property and people’s personal safety practices. Technological equipment can consist of video surveillance equipment, alarms, decals stating no guns or weapons allowed, bells or whistles for emergencies, and so forth. Many homes also have security cameras installed so that the property is protected even when the family is out of town for the weekend. Security equipment also includes locks, doors, alarm systems, lighting, and motion detectors.

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Home surveillance cameras are an important part of any home security plan. These devices allow a property owner to watch his property 24 hours a day while he is away. This allows him to know what is going on his property, if there are issues, before they become serious enough to necessitate contacting police. There are three types of motion detection equipment, visible, infra-red or ultrasound. There are also many different types of motion sensors available including passive infrared, photoelectric beam, and fingerprint scanners.

Infra-red security cameras offer a higher degree of quality than ultrasound cameras in that they do not require humans to constantly monitor them, which saves on personnel and maintenance costs. However, they have a shorter range than cameras that use humans as their eyes. A highly preferred type of video surveillance camera is the one that can be mounted on a pole or window and is capable of monitoring the area long-term. Cameras that provide live footage on a video monitor are preferred over those that record only pictures, because live footage is more accurate and can be used if needed to track down perpetrators. These cameras can be purchased from most major retailers.