Home Security Systems and the Various Components

Home security consists of both the physical security hardware put on a house to protect it as well as people’s personal protection techniques. Physical security hardware usually includes deadbolts, home alarm systems, security cameras, lights, and motion detectors. Personal security techniques include changing doors and locks, making sure children know their whereabouts at all times, and keeping weapons stored in a readily accessible place. All of these efforts help to make sure that the house is a safe place for the family as well as for anyone who might accidentally get in. By learning about the different components of home security, homeowners can increase the amount of protection they have for themselves and their families.

Argus Home Security Solutions

Some of the most common devices for home security are deadbolts and other locks. These help to keep unauthorized entries out, while also providing a degree of resistance against intruders. One type of security sensor that is growing in popularity is the door-closer, which uses sensors to detect whether a door is opened when it is supposed to be closed. Other entry points are protected by detectors or sensors that sense whether there is movement near the entrance point. These sensors can be placed in places such as windows and doors to further secure the home.

There are also several home security systems that use cameras to monitor the outside of the house. These cameras can be set up so that movement is detected, and if there is an indication of a crime occurring, the camera will automatically record images and send them to a monitor that is connected to a police department. Many security sensors used in home security systems can be activated remotely, so if a person is away from the house, the alarm will still sound even if no one is at home.