How To Choose A Good Security Chauffeur Company

A personal security chauffeur is often different from a normal chauffeur. They also possess close security and driving skills which enable them to keep clients safe. Whilst on a call, there are so many possible distractions, roadwork is always unpredictable, and other drivers’ actions are almost impossible to regulate. So what makes a personal security chauffeur unique?.

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A Personal Security Chauffeur employs a number of highly trained, aggressive drivers. Often hostile to the client, they represent a direct opposite to the safe drivers that most bodyguards carry out their duties with. The personal security chauffeur’s objective is to win, not facilitate. This type of driver bodyguards have to be extremely careful about not turning too aggressive; a lack of aggression is one of the major factors in any successful assault. A competent, aggressive driver bodyguards can even push their aggressiveness to the limit and into the territories that might not be legally theirs.

When approaching a potential client, the security chauffeur must remain in complete control of the vehicle. Any evasive driving whilst at the client’s place of business could jeopardise the visit. When choosing a new vehicle for the bodyguard to use, it’s best to choose a car that is well equipped with modern safety features, such as an automatic seatbelt, airbags, and immobilisers. The most important safety feature is an emergency roadside assistance package. It is imperative that the bodyguard knows how to use this service, because it could save his or her life in an emergency.

In the case of an emergency, the security chauffeur should manoeuvre the car into a position that allows the driver to gain consciousness, such as behind a vehicle or between parked vehicles. He or she must then manoeuvre the vehicle into a safe position, that allows the driver to regain his or her consciousness. This process is often complicated by the fact that one may not always be able to judge the amount of consciousness a person has. A qualified, professional and proficient security chauffeur will be able to judge this situation on the spot and, if necessary, intervene in order to protect the client and ensure that he or she gets the necessary medical treatment.

The safety record of many drivers in the UK has been less than stellar, which has led to many risks being posed by inexperienced drivers. This has led to many vehicles being involved in crashes, which often result in extensive damage to the vehicle and sometimes to the driver. An experienced, competent and reputable security chauffeur should therefore be capable of ensuring that any hired vehicle is fitted with the necessary safety features, such as an automatic seatbelt. In addition, the vehicle should be fitted with an airbag and immobiliser, as well as having an anti-lock brakes system, tracking device and sufficient space for passengers. Good cpos will also have a good knowledge about the legal requirements for driving in the UK.

When hiring a vehicle for personal protection, it is important to choose one that comes with a full passenger load. If the vehicle only has one passenger, then that person will be at increased risk of becoming injured or worse as compared to a vehicle with a full complement of bodyguards. In the event that one of the bodyguards is injured, then the personal protection agency will have to cover costs of the injured bodyguard. Thus, choosing a vehicle with a full complement of bodyguards minimises this cost, making the service more affordable for clients.

As with all facets of life, a client should ensure that the chosen vehicle for his or her protection has a valid licence. Some countries may require vehicles with certain safety features, such as alarms and airbags. It is therefore important to ascertain whether a particular vehicle can be legally driven on UK roads before attempting to hire it. Hiring a vehicle without a valid licence is illegal and can put both the driver and any passengers at risk. Again, it is important to enquire as to whether the security chauffeur company is fully authorized to drive in the area before travelling there.

Lastly, it is important to enquire about the training and experience of the security chauffeur before travelling with him. It is preferable to choose a company that has been in the business for a number of years, as this indicates that they are professionally trained. Also, a good company will be able to provide evidence of previous successful evasive driving courses. Such evidence can help demonstrate that the security chauffeur has been taught techniques which can be helpful in avoiding unnecessary accidents on UK roads. It should be noted that not all companies that offer evasive driving courses offer good quality courses. Therefore, clients should enquire as to the validity of the courses offered by a particular security chauffeur company before proceeding with any plans to rent a vehicle.