Information About Shuriken, the Hidden Sword

A shuriken, also known as a Japanese concealed weaponry, is an Asian secret weapon used as either a concealed blade or as an oral mace. Legend has it that the first shuriken was created when a fisherman was waiting for his catch to come back from a boat. He had tied his hook to a stone and began searching for his catch when he felt a tug on his line. As he pulled further into the water, he felt a sharp “clang” as his line became taut.

ninja throwing stars

As he looked for another direction in which to throw his shuriken, he realized that the stone had been giving him signs that something wasn’t right. The metal in his line started to rustle. The fish that he had just caught had become sluggish and cautious as he threw his weapon. Just when he thought that he had found the answer to his problem, he suddenly felt a sharp pierce through his leg! Now, instead of being a weapon of defense, he had become a weapon of offense!

While the shuriken has its origin in Japan, where it is most commonly used today, the weapon can be found in many different shapes and forms throughout Asian history. The ninja would often disguise their weapon, throwing them in different shapes and sizes so that people would not notice them. This gave them the element of surprise. Even though they could not see what they were throwing, the results were often startling!