Paragard IUD Lawsuit remains ongoing

Thousands of women worldwide have reportedly suffered complications and adverse effects associated with the use of the Paragard IUD; a very expensive copper intrauterine device (IUD) prescribed to pregnant women to prevent conception. Women represented by defective device lawyers have alleged that numerous design defects, manufacturing defects, failures to warn, and negligent marketing by Paragard s distributors and manufacturers have resulted in thousands of improperly fitted and substandard Paragard IUDs being sold for profit. Some of these devices have also been found to contain lead and other harmful chemicals. If you are a woman who has been affected by this faulty equipment, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Lawyer For Paragard Lawsuit

Paragard IUD Lawsuits date back to at least 2021. Many plaintiffs were unable to obtain monetary compensation because the Paragard IUD was sold in bulk quantity to pharmacies. As such pharmaceutical company knew that defective products would result in many claims but did not take any measures to warn consumers. After several years, the FDA finally began investigating the matter, sending an investigator to visit the manufacturing facility. During this investigation, the FDA found that the company failed to inform consumers of the potential health risks associated with using Paragard IUDs. The FDA also found that the Paragard IUD failed to warn users of potential complications including pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine contractions, or even infertility.

The Paragard case has thus far spread across the United States. There are currently thousands of claims pending in various courts across the country. Many of the cases have been resolved and awarded substantial sums of money damages. In addition, there are ongoing class action lawsuits in which hundreds of thousands of people are seeking not only monetary compensation for their pain and suffering but are seeking damages due to negligence on the behalf of the pharmaceutical company. As such, the Paragard lawsuit may very well be settled out of court, but it is highly doubtful that the pharmaceutical company will settle out of court given the enormous amount of money damages are worth.