Public Protection and Private Security

Work at Private Protection?
You should be the very best at what you do, right? Well, yes and no. If you love your job and are dedicated, you could very well excel at Private Protection. However, if you’re not dedicated and if you don’t have a very good handle on your own personal life, you may find yourself working at a Bodyguard Agency all day long and becoming nothing more than an employee.

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On the flip side, if you are committed and if you really feel that you can contribute something to society, a private security agency might just be the perfect choice for you. The job of private bodyguards is to protect the client and to keep him or her safe and secure. They are the personal bodyguard of the rich and famous – although they do get paid in a variety of ways, they are still considered to be the elite of the elite.

For many years, the bodyguards of wealthy people were guards not only at their mansions and estates but also at other private properties owned by those same people. The rich and famous had bodyguards to protect them from the perils that were commonplace in the world of show business, the swamps and the wilds of the desert, and even from the infamous wrath of a Mean Green angry monkey. If you want to work in the world of private protection, you better be prepared for the grueling tasks ahead. Although some may view the work of a bodyguard as nothing more than an easy ride for the rich and famous, bodyguards perform an important role and they are looked upon by the public as the protectors of the rich and famous and as the last line of defense between the law and the bad guys.

Private Protection is seen by many people today as a pseudo-service that can be provided by the public security agencies instead of a career choice or a civil service. However, most people (students, professionals, etc) consider Private Protection as a career choice. In other words, public security and protection agencies are seen as an unnecessary intrusion into private lives. The truth is that it is in fact an essential part of the modern world that is inseparable from the advancement of technology and the business world. Private Protection is the bulwark that fight crime, acts as a warning to the public against crime, acts as a liaison between the police and criminals, and acts as a liaison between the injured party and the criminal justice system.

Private protection is actually an integrated part of our social structure. Public protection agencies cannot be viewed as an effective solution to crime on its own, since they are just a band of vigilantes that aim to protect the public good against criminal elements. On the other hand, private protection agencies are made up of the members of a corporation that are invested in the stock market. Just like banks that are made up of private investors with a desire to yield an increase in their wealth, such corporations have members who are shareholders with the desire to increase their wealth through investment opportunities. Private protection is thus a form of complementarity between the public good and the private profit.

Private protection agencies and their role in the general crime rate cannot be neglected. It is important to note that there is no correlation or cause and effect relationship between crime and private protection. This simply means that the causes may exist separately but there are also effects that could lead to crime. For instance, the existence of a profitable industry in the country could affect crime rates and consequently, the number of crime. This then gives us a concrete example on how crime is linked to the society.