Pursuing a Career As a Security Driver

The main objective of the Security Driving / armoured driving course is to develop high quality, trained drivers that can be deployed on the road in any emergency. The trainees will learn vehicle dynamics in all sorts of driving scenarios on different road surfaces and weather conditions. They will also get exposure to dangerous situations such as driving in the mountains and night-time emergencies in remote locations. This training aims at preparing the students to drive in difficult situations, in bad weather and extreme driving conditions at off-road events. In the end, they will have a complete set of skills and abilities that can help them to take over the wheel in any situation.

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The Security Driver program involves a recruitment approach that draws from a variety of disciplines to help create successful security driver candidates. These include law enforcement, military, emergency services, traffic enforcement, corrections, construction, emergency medical service, corrections and paralegal jobs. There are various career options for those who complete the course. Security driver specialists are usually selected based on the best combination of academic achievement, test scores and job experience. Those who successfully complete the program get a recognized security driver licence which allows them to drive on public roads in Canada. They can also apply to work for government agencies and companies involved in transportation and security.

To qualify, the training program includes both classroom and on-the-road skills development. The classroom sessions allow security drivers to develop classroom skills such as listening, writing, judgment, communication, courtesy, traffic control, hazard perception and more. Trainees are also given field practice in their vehicles to make sure that they are prepared before being deployed. During the on-road sessions, drivers will be evaluated on their decision making, vehicle handling, control, braking, hazard awareness and the ability to follow instructions.

Another option for aspiring security drivers is the ability to train for highway certification, which includes vehicle inspections, vehicle maintenance and roadside assistance. Security companies will not hire anyone without a license. Obtaining a security driver’s license will allow the individual to work for any company involved in transportation, security or other industries. One can also choose to become a supervisor and help other drivers in the field.

Some companies also offer an online program which enables individuals to take the test from the comfort of their home. Students learn about laws and safety regulations, as well as defensive driving skills and other methods of avoiding an accident. The online course for security drivers helps them improve their customer service skills, customer interaction skills, courtesy, communication and interpersonal skills, all vital qualities required for working in a trucking environment. Those who successfully complete the online course can then sit for the examination given by the NACS and become certified. These individuals can apply for positions in trucking companies, security companies, law enforcement agencies and other industries.

Defensive driving skills are important for security drivers. One has to be aware of their surroundings at all times when driving. Their hazard perception should be analyzed and they should always make sure that they remain alert and attentive to any situations that might pose a threat to themselves or others. In addition, they should maintain a proper distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. A responsible driver should never drive within the line of sight of a vehicle in front of them, as this could cause an accident.