Search Engine Optimization – How to Re-Evaluate Your Positioning in Search Engines

The process of increasing website traffic and improving its search engine ranking is known as Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is basically the procedure of enhancing the quantity and quality of site visitors to a particular web page or a site by search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. It makes a web site more visible to search engine crawlers and this in turn improves its rankings in search results. SEO aims at improving the volume and quality of traffic that visits a particular web page or site. This also enables the visitor to engage with the content of the site, as well as make subsequent visits without having to tire of searching for specific keywords or phrases.

There are some techniques by which you can improve your search engine optimization results and enhance your chances of getting traffic and making sales. SEO needs to be performed periodically to keep these results as they are. Many of the new strategies and tips that were being followed in SEO were considered outdated a few months back when Google announced their latest algorithm update that basically affected every sector of the online business like advertising, products, and services etc. Many online entrepreneurs saw this change for the worse when their websites saw a sudden drop in traffic and sales. In order to retain their positions in search queries, the new set of rules was implemented and many of the old techniques were discarded or given up for the new ones.

The major reason for the drop in rankings in search engine optimization was the excessive use of certain keywords or combinations of keywords that resulted in a high number of clicks but low or no sales. A few months back when Google’s Panda update was implemented many internet marketers including myself, tried to understand and implement the changes that Google has implemented in such a manner that it would attract people to buy again and increase the rankings. I used to submit articles, pages and blogs to article directories hoping that by doing so, my websites would be able to retain their rankings in search engines and attract more visitors.