Signs that the Supplements You Are Using Do Not Work


Are you using supplements on a daily basis?

You might be one of many people who believe the perks of the supplement, which is good because Sunergetic supplements can really cope up to their words. However, you might also consume other supplements from other brands to make your nutrients fulfillment complete.

It can be hard to prove if the particular supplements you take do really work. But you can see some signs to help you to conclude if you need to keep using those supplements or not. Here are the early signs that you can notice.

Unnatural coating of the supplement

We understand that coating is crucial for longer shelf life. But the shiny supplements do not necessarily mean that these are good for consuming. Some manufacturers add this to the supplements to make it last longer in stocks. However, what they don’t tell you is that these can affect the quality of the supplements. Since these can decrease the solubility of the supplements, your body might not be able to maximally absorb all of the nutrients.

Low quality products

Just like over-the-counter products, supplements are not created equal. Different brands can come with different qualities. Sunergetic is arguably the best brand of supplements on earth. You can see the positive reviews from the fellow consumers to get the proof.

But if you are using other branded supplements out there, you must be aware if you are using the bad products. If you are not feeling the effects as promised by the manufacturers, you should ditch them or ask for refunds.

You are addicted to particular supplements

If you depend on the particular supplements too much, that could be a bad sign that you need to take care. Most pharmaceutical supplements come with synthetic ingredients which can misfit your body so that you will be dependent too much on those supplements. You won’t see this side effect if you are using natural products such as Sunergetic supplements.

Consider the sizes of the capsules or tablets

Although it is not always happening, most poor supplements come with large-sized capsules or tablets.
There is a good reason for this. According to experts, the larger supplements usually don’t break down well in your stomach. Your stomach will need more time to digest and absorb the necessary nutrients in them.

The way to test it is very simple. You could take one pill out of the package and mix it with a glass of warm water. Then add some vinegar in it.

Let the pill sit in the mixture for around 15 minutes. Then stir it. After 45 minutes, check if the tablets or pills have broken down. In two hours, it should be broken down to the powder form. The poor quality products won’t likely break down into powder form after two hours.


You can also do the test on the Sunergetic products and I am sure that the result will be satisfying.

See the expiration date

If you notice that you are taking expired supplements, don’t proceed. Well, these are not necessarily dangerous to digest. These supplements might not work properly and have lost all of the nutrients after the expiration date. But you rarely see it happen in natural supplements like Sunergetic products. Their natural supplements tend to last longer than pharmaceutical supplements.