Stomach Sleeping Firm – What’s All the Fuss About?

The Stomach Sleeping Firm is designed to give the best nights sleep to those who need it the most. It has been specifically created with the sleeping habits and sleep needs of the stomach sleeper in mind. The pillow offers a contoured shape that stays true to all the studies on the sleep disorder and health. The Stomach Sleeping Firm is made with two adjustable levels of firmness and support allowing for either a firm or a soft feel as needed by the individual. The mattress for stomach sleepers offers a full body support from the torso, to the legs and back.

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The unique double layer of memory foam used in the creation of the Stomach Sleeping Firm ensures that there is the proper spinal alignment throughout the entire night. This provides the sleeper with a comfortable medium-firm feeling right through to a light firm feel throughout the night. The general softness of the mattress for stomach sleepers is a medium-firm feel combined with a very responsive outer cover providing excellent support. The overall support of the mattress for stomach sleepers is a medium-firm feel perfect for both the dominant stomach sleeper, and also works well for alternative sleeping positions.

The inner core of the mattress for stomach sleepers consists of an additional material designed to prevent pressure sores, and a medium waffle layer. The inner core and exterior layers are constructed of hygienic high density foam, and the inner core is composed of durable and breathable polyurethane. The outer cover of the Stomach Sleeping Firm contains a breathable mesh design that allows air flow through the cover to keep you cool. These firm layers used in the Stomach Sleeping Firm provide superior support and durability through their medium-soft feel, while the dual adjustable air chambers provide firmness and support in the center for a medium firm feel throughout the entire mattress. There are three sizes of inner spring chambers in each model, with an optional zippered mattress slip for easy and quick change-up.