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Fire Door Gauge – A Must Have For Commercial Work Sites

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The Fire Door Gap Gauge is an easy to use tool utilized by many fire door industry consultants to test door clearance requirements for applicable code requirements in the US. Non-permitted doors are subject to fines levied by local and state fire safety codes, so it is crucial to comply with local and state regulations while building or installing a fire door. Fire door clearance requirements are perhaps the most unrecognized issue for non-permitted fire door compliance. This inspection tool is intended to ensure that the fire door meets all requirement standards set forth in national fire protection industry standards.

To use the fire door gap gauge, place the tape measure inside the frame rails and then extend the tape measure to the outer edges of the door frames. It is recommended to place the tape measure inside the frame rails first, then extend the measurement to the outside edges of the frame. The actual gauge will be slightly higher than the reading from the side of the frame. To determine the height of the gauge from the frame edge, hold the gauged end of the tape measure at a 45 degree angle to the actual door frame.

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An important feature of this tool is the ability to read the open and closed rating with only one hand. This tool is especially useful when working on high-rise residential fire doors or when there is a possibility that other personnel may need access to the interior of the structure. The fire door gauge can easily be accessed with one hand without having to remove the tape measure from the frame. Some types of gauges require the use of special equipment such as a pull gauge adapter, which must be properly installed in order to make use of the fire door gauge correctly. The fire door gauge has been proven to be essential to the commercial building and construction projects where a fire door must be installed and left unattended.