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Couples therapy is a term encompassing a range of psychological assessment

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Counselling services designed to facilitate relationship maintenance and enhance relationships. Whether you call it couples therapy, couples counselling, or marriage counselling, what you’re signing up for is entrusting a couples counsellor into your marital relationship to assist you and your spouse develop trust, understanding, and appreciation for one another. And though there is currently an increasing demand for such services, couples counselling is still a relatively new concept in the western world. The benefits of couples counselling seem to outweigh the risks and as such, couples counselling is a growing trend. Couples who are having trouble communicating, dealing with domestic conflicts, and/or struggling with career issues often turn to couples counsellors for help.


Many couples enter initial sessions with the idea of repairing their relationship rather than beginning therapy. As such, couples therapy and relationship counselling can seem opposed to each other at first. However, couples will find that by engaging in ongoing relationship counselling and by utilising common strategies and techniques, they will find that they have much in common and are far less likely to revert to seeking different avenues when conflicts arise. In some cases this can be the beginning of the end for a relationship. This is especially true of long-term relationships where conflict and tension have been building up for years.

A good couples therapy counsellor should be skilled in identification of underlying causes for the problems in the relationship and should be able to provide sound advice. A good couples therapy counsellor will work with both parties to address and resolve issues related to: conflict, power and assertiveness, communication, trust, depression and anxiety. It is important to remember at all stages of the relationship that maintaining a positive outlook and showing patience is paramount to ensuring a successful outcome. It is important at the beginning of the relationship that you establish the desired goal and discuss strategies with your partner to reach that goal. Remember, early on in the relationship, any differences that arise between you as partners can cause lasting divisions, and these will need to be addressed and resolved.

A great marriage counselor should be able to offer practical advice, which can help improve the quality of the relationship. It is also important that both parties involved in the relationship remain supportive. A marriage counseling session should not be an attack or defence mechanism; rather it should be a forum to learn from one another’s mistakes. The family therapy counsellor should offer sound advice and encourage the parties involved to remain calm and to communicate effectively. The marriage counselor should be respectful, caring, and empathetic with the individual and the family.

It takes hard work and patience to ensure a successful outcome to a couples therapy and relationship counselling session. Once both parties have had their first consultation, the couple will have established their own expectations and may feel reluctant to discuss the same topics again. Both parties will have their own feelings and emotions, which will need to be respected during the sessions. It is not always easy to get to an objective point of view, but if both parties want to change, then they must sit down together and find a solution to their problems.

There are many different types of couples therapy and relationship counsellors available, and each couple’s therapist should have their own skill and personality. Many couples therapy and relationship counsellors offer additional support after the initial appointment, and there is nothing wrong with this. Couples have found that working with a couples therapist and practicing effective communication during the session made a huge difference to their relationship and their future. They felt that they were making progress with their relationship, and it was only natural to wish to build on their success and make their relationship better than it had ever been before.