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Detoxification, is essentially the procedure of allowing your body to eliminate the toxins

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When a person stops taking certain medications or alcohol, the point of detoxification is to safely handle withdrawal symptoms. Medications used in detox often keep former clients comfortable during the detoxification period while the harmful substances leave their system.

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In cases of severe drug and alcohol addiction, detoxification can include hospitalization or even surgical procedures. There are three main types of detoxification: pulmonary, oral and nasal. Intravenous therapy or IVIT, involves the use of needles inserted into a vein to inject drugs and alcohol out of the system. Oral medication, such as Naltrexone, is taken by mouth in a pill form. Nasal drowsiness therapy involves cleaning out the nasal passages to encourage one’s body to eliminate all possible toxins.

All treatments, whether administered intravenously or orally, entail some degree of risk. In fact, some drugs and alcohol react badly with certain types of treatments. For this reason, individuals undergoing detoxification should be aware that rapid detoxification may lead to serious side effects and complications. This type of treatment also has a high relapse rate.

To minimize the chances of suffering from complications, individuals undergoing any type of drug treatment should seek advice from their doctor first. If they decide to proceed with detoxification process at home, they should be sure they understand all the implications and risks involved. The first step of the detoxification process is usually in the rehabilitation facility where doctors, therapists and support groups will help the individual through withdrawal symptoms.

There are various types of detoxification methods including: liquid medications, pills, powder or tablets, and food alternatives or Detox Diet. Although there is no single method or solution that can work for everybody, there is a main article below which outlines different detoxification methods available to help individuals get rid of their addiction to powerful substances like alcohol or opiates. However, detoxification may not always lead to the absolute elimination of all toxins. It is only the first step. An individual should take a step by step approach in order to successfully detoxify.

The most important thing during the detoxification period is safety. Detoxification is an imperative step, but it must be undertaken safely and with extreme caution. As such, individuals who use drugs and alcohol should always seek professional help and advice before deciding on detoxification. It is not a cure for alcoholism and will not completely eliminate the need to abuse drugs and alcohol.