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The Firearms Reference Table is a database that allows

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Founded in 1989 as Classic Arms in Indian Trail, NC, Classic Firearms has grown to become one of the largest online retailers of military surplus firearms in the United States. The company’s goal has always been to provide the best quality military surplus firearms at the best price. The company has built a solid reputation for customer service and competitive pricing. Rick Jones, owner of the company, believes in “The Golden Rule” and is committed to living it.

A revolver is a short-barreled, shoulder-fired firearm with a revolving cylinder. The action releases a hammer and expels the spent cartridge case, which remains in the cylinder until manually emptied. When firing a round, the action feeds the next cartridge into the chamber. Its action can be single-shot or fully automatic, with the latter being more common today.

The Firearms Reference Table is a database that allows authorized users to identify the type and make of a particular firearm. This database was developed by the Canadian Royal Mounted Police and has been adopted by INTERPOL. The database is available online and offline, and only authorized RCMP members and specific public agents are permitted to access it. Using the Firearms Reference Table is the most common method of identifying firearms.

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Although a federal definition of an antique firearm covers newer firearms, some states restrict their use or ownership. A muzzle-loaded gun converted to fire standard bullets is not considered an antique firearm. The federal definition also includes replicas made to duplicate a weapon manufactured before 1898. However, a state may have additional restrictions related to ownership, which can affect the value of an antique firearm. A gun’s history and collectability are its primary considerations.