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Facts You Should Know About the Recreational Vehicle Industry

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As one of the fastest growing trends in home building, the Recreational Vehicle industry has grown to unbelievable levels. There is no doubt that RV’s are a great way to travel, but do you know enough about the RV industry? Do you even really understand how it works? There are a few important facts that are worth knowing if you are thinking about purchasing a recreational vehicle for your travels.

Most RVs are driven by a single person and are not very roomy. Generally, the size of an RV is between nine to thirty-six feet wide with a maximum height of eleven feet. The reason that RVs are so popular amongst couples is because they are perfect for romantic getaways and for families who like to go on weekend trips. Almost every RV manufacturer has at least one model that is suitable for both singles and families.

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The other important fact to know about the Recreational Vehicle industry is that most models require a tremendous amount of maintenance. In fact, many people who purchase their first RVs expect them to last for their entire lifetime! Since most RVs are designed with long single doors, many owners choose to park their vehicles in a specially designed parking lot or at their homes. Unfortunately, most parking lots are not large enough to accommodate large RVs, so owners must learn to plan alternate living arrangements for their recreational vehicles.