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Benefits of Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

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A lawn mower is any machine or individual that automatically cuts down grass or any other vegetation that grows on your lawn. Usually, lawn mowing is distinguishable from rearing, which is the old-fashioned term for harvesting grain-based crops, such as with combines and reapers. When people talk about rearing, they are usually thinking of the old-fashioned practice of horseback riding, while lawn mowers are intended to cut grass more precisely and efficiently.

walk greens mower

A lawn mower has a number of different parts, including a cutting blade, a cutting wheel or a cutting stone, a carrier, a chain and a trailer. The cutting blade, also called a scissor, is sharpened and may be either manually pressed or electrically driven. This allows the blade to cut at an angle or in a series of horizontal directions, depending upon how the operator desires it to work. The cutting wheel or a cutting stone is at the bottom of the unit and, unlike the scissor blade, is not moved during cutting.

Many lawn mower features are available on today’s models. For example, there are now fold-able units that can be stored inside your garage or shed. Also, some models have trays on top that can hold water or fertilizer for prolonging the life of the grass cutting blades, and there are even some models that will mechanically clear your yard of debris so you don’t need to. Whether you’re looking for a simple, single-wheeled unit to cut your grass on your own or want one that will get your yard moving at a decent speed, walk behind lawn mowers can be the right choice for you.