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What Is a Keyword Rank Checker Tool and Why Is It Useful?

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Every SEO professional should know how to use a keyword rank checker to find out the strength of their keyword campaigns. They then have to keep track of their competitors’ rankings with that information. Sometimes you can do that manually by typing in queries in search engines using the appropriate keywords. Other times you can use software programs that will analyze your campaigns and let you know the strength or weakness of your strategy. This is particularly useful when you are just starting out in SEO so that you can make some small changes so that you can rank higher and remain there.

So what is a keyword position analyzer? It is a tool which uses mathematical algorithms and finds keyword positions for you based on keyword searches that you have performed. For example, let us say you entered “dog training courses” when doing a search for “pet grooming”. If you were to rank first or second for that keyword, it would imply that there is a great deal of demand for this service. However, if you were to rank third or fourth for the keyword “pet grooming”, it would indicate that there is limited demand for this service.

white label seo audit tool

A keyword rank checker tool analyzes the strength of your website based on keyword searches that your customers have done before. This is very beneficial to an SEO practitioner because it gives you real world information about your competition. If you want to rank top for a particular keyword, you must make sure that there are plenty of other pages which have been optimized for it. There are certainly those that have had little or no competition before you. In these cases, you can still optimize your site for that keyword, but you have to make sure that you are not penalized by the search engines for it because if you are, you may not get enough visitors.