The New Inventors of 2021

The New Inventors show is a program on the television network of the country Australia, hosted and produced by comedian and presenter James O’Loghlin and also featured on channel 5. The show is designed to highlight new inventors from all over the country, highlighting the creative spirit in the country as well. The New Inventors program was created as a response to the lack of shows on television focusing on new inventors. O’Loghlin decided to launch the show to challenge this lack of media focus on new ideas and inventors.

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O’Loghlin began the show with a “novelty test” where the audience were asked to rate various characteristics of the inventors they had heard about so far. The result was a list of ten people. These were then presented with various different tasks, each of which required them to use a new invention for a limited amount of time (such as a mobile phone) and under a set time limit. For every successful invention they showed, they said something like “that’s quite an old one”, “that’s not very practical” and so on.

Each week the show features new inventions being presented by a different inventor. The final choice is often one of the most difficult to make and showcases the final choice for this year’s Grand Final. This year’s Grand Final was inspired by the challenges faced by inventors in the contemporary world and so featured many items that had originally been thought of futuristic. Examples being a revolutionary new invention called extendable dog kennels, a new water filtration system, a self-healing paving sealer, and an ingenious concept for a mobile phone that doubles up as a radio.