Types of Fashion Clothing

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Fashion clothing are items traditionally worn around the torso. Typically, such clothing is composed of textiles or synthetic fabrics, however over the years it has come to include garments made out of synthetic animal skins and other thick sheets of textile materials, cut straight from natural resources found in nature and produced in a factory. Fashion clothing can be used for formal occasions such as on the catwalk, while informal attire can be worn every day – from skirts to bikinis. But what determines the value and worth of fashion clothing?

In addition to the fact that these types of garments can be worn for any type of occasion, fashion clothing can be measured by the quality of the fabric used, the condition of the stitching, the quality of the buttons or zippers and even the price tag on the garment. However, it is not the price tag that makes a garment desirable or beautiful, but rather the idea behind it. For example, when a fashion clothing item becomes out of style or is unbalanced, then it is considered a failsafe way to classify it as surplus stock. The same concept is applied to this type of labeling and the activity planning process is exactly the same: identifying surplus inventory and classifying it according to current or future demand. Such activity planning is necessary when determining the sale of discontinued or overstocked items, or stock which will be sold under discount or wholesale rates, to generate additional revenue.


There is also the need to create an image for the brand or company and the establishment must understand that image is everything! When selecting a haute couture garment for distribution, it is essential to select a design that is in line with the company’s image. For example, it may be necessary to reduce or remove long flowing skirts in order to create a more streamlined silhouette to a particular piece. At the same time, it is equally important to provide ample ventilation openings in order to allow the fabric to breathe. Ventilation openings are an absolute must for every garment! It is also important to remember that a fashionable garment is only as good as its wearer and every woman should make certain she looks her best on any given day.