Types Of Teen Boot Camps You Can Choose From


There is actually a spectrum of teen boot camp from residential treatment boot camp to therapeutic boot camps. Each type of teenage boot camp deals with different scopes, issues, and concerns. Consequently, they may have different sets of activities included in the boot camp program. With many boot camp programs that you can find online, it’s very important to choose the one that suits your teenagers’ needs. Learn more about boot camp programs and let’s recognize some common types of boot camp below.

Behavioral Teenager Boot Camps

Teenager boot camps are commonly designed to drive positive changes in teens’ behavior. The program is designed to adopt military-style training with authoritative commands that aims to discipline teens with troubling behavior. The behavioral teens boot camp includes intense physical activities and therapeutic programs. If your teenage kids have serious behavioral problems that need authoritative disciplinary treatment, this behavioral teenage boot camp could be your best option.

Therapeutic Teenager Boot Camps

When it comes to teenagers with conduct or opposing defiant disorder, a therapeutic boot camp could be helpful. This type of boot camp typically includes sets of therapeutic activities rather than a rigorous physical program. The therapeutic teenager boot camp is designed to break or stop teens from destructive habits while the intensive programs are set to help them learn how to properly behave in society.

Therapeutic Teen Boot camps like alternatives 4 teens employ authorized programs and licensed therapists to help with teens with a behavior disorder. The program would include therapeutic class, sessions, exercise, and other elements to reduce the harmful impacts of the disorder and to drive positive behavioral change. Learn more about therapeutic teenager boot camp here https://www.alternatives4teens.com/boot-camp-for-teens

Residential Treatment Program

Residential Treatment Program isn’t actually a typical boot camp for teens as it offers long-term structured programs specifically designed to change the attitude and behavior of troubled teens. The residential treatment centers include proportions of scheduled classes, sets of exercises, and activities conducted by licensed teachers and instructors just like boarding schools. They may look like regular activities including swimming, arts, discussion class, or sports but with therapeutic elements included to support the goals of residential placement. Today, there are many residential treatment programs you can choose from incorporated with teen boot camps.

Teen Wilderness Camps

These camps feature an extreme primitive setting where the programs are set and run entirely in the wilderness. Teen participants would leave their regular life and be cut out from any modern technologies pampering them. Teenager wilderness camps are forced to be independent and to come out from their comfort zones. Where they have to hunt & cook their foods, alter & live in a tent, clean up their messes all on their own.

Teen wilderness camps aren’t specifically designed for troubled teens, different from those correctional camps. However, if you want to make your teens be more independent and appreciative, these camps could be your answer. Physical conditions should be a concern when enrolling your teenage kids to a wilderness camp.