Understanding Skincare and the Proper Skincare Routine

Skincare is a broad range of practices which support healthy skin, improve its appearance and alleviate various skin conditions. Skincare philosophy insists that skin is an organ like any other, which means that it can be maintained, regenerated and healed in many ways by proper nutrition and good skincare practices. There are several Skincare regimens that have gained international recognition as they have been shown to provide significant improvements to one’s skin. Skincare can be categorized into two main areas: toning and moisturizing. They may consist of use of only one or both of these Skincare forms, depending on individual skin type and requirements.

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Toning skincare is the first set of practices which help to exfoliate, smooth, and remove dead skin cells and stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin. This promotes the skin to have a more elastic and pliant appearance and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage. Skin toners may include use of cleansers and moisturizers, especially for people who are prone to dry skin. The cleansers used in toners should be gentle enough not to dry out the skin, but also remove all dirt, oil, and makeup from the face before the moisturizer is applied.

The second major part of a skincare routine is moisturizing. Moisturizers help to keep the skin soft, supple and moist, preventing wrinkles, dullness, and cracking. Skin care professionals recommend applying a moisturizer twice a day, especially after baths and swimming or after heavy exercise. Many times, a good dermatologist will combine cleansing and moisturizing procedures in one treatment to keep the skin balanced and youthful looking through the ages.