What Are Dew Point Analyzers?


Dew Point Analyzers are instruments that are used to measure the density of water, as well as the temperature and salinity of surface water. It is used in various industries for various purposes. It was invented by Dew Laboratories (originally The Dow Chemical Corporation) in the early 1960’s.

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It has been widely used and is extensively calibrated to measure the moisture content and temperature of surface water. HCD 5000 is an example of a dew point analyzer, which has been widely calibrated and used in various industry sectors. It is used for various purposes such as for vehicle maintenance, industrial cleaning and manufacturing, and for any water-related applications.

There are several other types of water dew point analyzers available such as HCD, which use the ICP method, and CDM, which use the CCM or Centrifugal Coupled Masses. The HCD technique makes use of interferometric measurement to determine water dew point values. The CDM technique makes use of hydrodynamic methods to measure the density and temperature. Both of these measurement techniques are highly accurate and depend very much on instrumentation. There are a number of manufacturers who make and sell this instrument all over the world.