What Are Some of the Main Differences Between Central Air Conditioners?

An air conditioner in your home or office is expensive. It is also an essential cooling appliance. Making a cost effective cooling solution is always going to take some research and time. A multi-stage air conditioner is the most economical cooling solution, depending on where you live and what type of air conditioning you need.

The first step is to consider the cooling needs of the room you are trying to cool. In many cases an air conditioner is going to need to be centrally installed in order to be cost effective. The most efficient cooling solution for a room would be a multi-stage unit with separate ducts for each major function. An older single head unit may be less efficient now, however, so it’s important to carefully look at each individual model’s energy rating.

Once you have decided on a central heating and cooling system, you will need to determine which air conditioner will be best suited for that set-up. There are several types of air conditioner, including window types. For example, if you have a small living space in a small room, a portable air conditioner may be a better choice than a large, bulkier unit. Similarly, if you are trying to cool a small room, such as a bedroom, a window air conditioner may be the best option for your space. Regardless of the size and style of air conditioner you use, you will want to carefully consider the layout of the ductwork in your home.

Every air conditioner needs a fan in order to circulate air. The arrangement of the cooling ducts and fan will determine how much cooling is achieved per minute and ultimately how much energy is expended by the unit. If you need to conserve energy, you can choose an air conditioner with a low fan speed and a high CFM. This will help to conserve energy since it will require less air movement in order to reach the desired temperature.

If your home is large and you are trying to keep it cool, you may find it beneficial to replace your existing furnace with a new, high-efficiency heat pump. Heat pumps take hot air from inside the house and warm it before sending it out through the ductwork. When your air conditioner is running, the heat pump pulls hot air from the house, but since the refrigerant levels are low, the indoor air is not cooled as much as it would be with a traditional furnace. Instead of pulling hot air out of your home, heat pumps pull hot air in. Because the refrigerant levels are so high, the end result is significantly more energy savings.

There are some options that are not often thought about when choosing central air conditioners. For instance, consider the benefits of a dual-purpose room heater. These room heaters can be used during the day and then turned on at night for additional comfort. Some central air conditioners have adjustable settings for these room heaters, and are a great addition if you are looking for an affordable way to heat your living space.