What Did Leonardo Da Vinci Invent?

The name of Leonardo Da Vinci is synonymous with some of the most influential inventions of all time. Known most notably for his Mona Lisa, his works include many others that also deserve to be mentioned. As, well as his extraordinary art and design abilities he was also an astute lawyer, physician, botanist, architect and mathematician. Born in Italy, he became a famous Leonardo da Vinci devotee and wrote some of his greatest works based on biblical stories. Here is a look at some of his other famous creations.

The first parachute was not designed by da Vinci but rather was created by a test pilot that was using the air against the resistance of gravity. It was based on the Bernoulli’s law of airflow and would eventually become one of the most useful inventions of all time. The first parachute was not meant to be used for jumping but was meant to be used for testing purposes. This is the earliest appearance of the first parachute that we have evidence of, although there are several different accounts concerning when the first prototype was made.

The world may never know the true story of what happened to the legendary writer Aldus Huxley but we do know that he was working on an incredibly complex and complicated machine that would be able to take advantage of new and improved aerial navigation techniques. He hoped that his new invention could help his army win the upcoming World War. Unfortunately his plans were not to come to fruition and the First World War happened instead. Although many believe that the First World War was started by Germany not the United States this is due mainly to the fact that the German air force was not very successful with their aerial endeavors and needed a new way to fight that they turned to their flying machines which ended up being the code movie that we know today.

Leonardo da Vinci invented things such as, the monogram, the compass, the microscope, a scale model of the earth, angles, globes, the dome, and many others. Inventing things is something that is done in every civilization across the globe with the only major difference being the level of complexity. When you think about it some of these machines, like Da Vinci’s flying machine or the Mona Lisa were incredibly complex contraptions that took a great amount of skill and careful study to accomplish. These are two extremely complex pieces of machinery that required expertise not just in the mechanical engineering of the design but in the skills of the human maker as well. Leonardo da Vinci, as you likely know, was a skilled artist as well. Some of the paintings that he was responsible for, if you were to ever find them, are among the greatest paintings that you will ever see.

Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine is still used to this day as an experimental craft, although it is expected that the law of physics will ultimately catch up with the craft because the laws of gravity will eventually be able to overcome the efforts of the inventor. However, until that day comes and da Vinci’s flying machine is able to fly, it is well worth having as a historical artifact. There have been several other famous inventors over the course of history that were considered geniuses just as da Vinci was and in addition, many of these people had some innovative products or discoveries that shaped the world we live in today.


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