What Is the Best Pancake Air Compressors For Hunters and Fishermen?

If you enjoy long-distance hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, or boating, a Pancake Air Compressor could be your best friend. Unlike the bulky camping air compressors of the past, modern compressors are light and portable enough to take on your next hike, or fishing trip. There’s no need to lug around a huge air compressor that takes up valuable real estate in your vehicle. Most modern compressors can easily fit into a medium-sized tool box. Just plug it in, turn it on, and start squeezing!

pancake compressor

An old-fashioned pancake air compressor looks similar to the giant cooking devices commonly seen in kitchens, yet these days you hardly see any of them. Instead, most people choose to stack several small air tanks on top of each other inside their vehicles. Air tanks are rated according to the maximum pressure they can hold, which usually ranges from six pounds to twelve pounds per pound. The larger the tanks, the easier and more efficient the job of pushing air through your tires.

In addition to the ability to store air efficiently, another advantage to larger tanks is that they can also store more than one gallon of compressed air. This gives you the capability of working through very thick tire treads with very little additional air needed. Of course, larger tanks take up more space and are harder to carry with you on your next hunting or fishing trip. To save room and simplify transportation, many models even come with detachable side tanks for easy storage and transportation.