What Makes a Vintage Rug Special?

While many modern rugs exhibit flaws like missing colors, tears and rips, some still maintain their value and beauty because of their age. Many were handcrafted by skilled artisans who are using centuries old techniques in their work. These rugs tell rich, colorful stories about the lives of people through their intricate designs. A few examples of these rugs include Oriental, African, Kashmiri, and Persian rugs.

vintage rugs

The quality and beauty of vintage rugs depend on how it was created. This depends on how it was produced – whether it was hand knotted or machine made. The difference between the two determines its price. Hand knotted rugs usually command higher prices than machine made ones because they’re made with a heavier wool yarn and take more time to make.

When purchasing vintage rugs, remember that its history will determine its value. Look for rugs that have been manufactured using natural dyes rather than synthetic ones. Natural dyes are highly valued since they cannot be manipulated and are only as good as the time they’ve been around. Woven wool vintage rugs from the 1970s and before should also be avoided because the material has dulled over the years.