Who Needs Dietary Supplements?


With various dietary supplements in stores, who actually needs those products? Vitamins, minerals, herbals, botanicals, and other dietary supplement products are abundant. We can find various brands, formulas, categories, and packages. Basically, anyone who needs additional nutrient intakes can benefit from dietary supplements.


Older adults would need to consume dietary supplements to support their health. Unlike teenagers that require supplements for growth, elders would consume supplements to keep their body functioning properly. Calcium for bones, vitamin A for eyesight, vitamin B6 for blood cells, vitamin D to cover deficiency are only a few examples of how elderly people can benefit from dietary supplement products.

Pregnant Women

Dietary supplements are the best pal for women who’s pregnant or breastfeeding their babies. Folic acid is the common nutrient contained in supplements for pregnant women even though they may also need other vitamins and nutrients. Prenatal supplements promote a healthy pregnancy and prevent baby birth defects. Today, these supplements are available in pills, tablets, powder or formulated milk, and even bottled juice.


If you’re a strict vegetarian, you’d need to fulfill nutrients required by your body with dietary requirements. There are dietary supplements made from 100% natural non-animal ingredients like herbs, fruits, greens, and botanical ingredients. With these supplements, you can ensure your body has adequate nutrition to support your routines and daily activities.

Strict Dieters

For those who’re on a strict diet due to illness or weight management programs, consuming suitable dietary supplements is highly advisable. With limitations in taking particular foods through your diet, your body may lack some nutrients as you can have a balanced diet. The same conditions may also be experienced by people with allergies who can’t consume some ingredients on their diet. At this point, they need to cover nutrient shortages with dietary supplements. If you’re one of them, you need to map your diet plan to identify nutrients you’re lacking so you can purchase suitable dietary supplements.


Persons in Recovery

Dietary supplements are also usually consumed by the ones to support their recovery after a medical procedure or during medication. Adequate nutrients are very important for recovery especially when you decide to extend the treatment home. When it comes to the use of dietary supplements for recovery, you’d need a prescription from your doctor. However, there are also non-prescribed dietary supplements you can find in the market. At this point, you may consult it first with your doctor and strictly follow the serving suggestion.

Smoker and Alcohol Drinker

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can bring a bad impact on health in the long term. That’s why smokers need supplements for their lungs and alcohol drinkers for their liver at the very least. Supplements like Sunergetic Milk Thistle Complex or Kidney Cleanser C can help these organs healthy and function properly while reducing the risks of health problems from smoking and drinking alcohol.

Healthy Lifestyle Practitioner

Some who have no disease or specific health conditions still consume dietary supplements as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Along with a balanced diet, regular consumption and the correct dose of dietary supplements can support overall health and well-being.