Will a Bunker rake Improve Your Game?


Hoping yall can help out on a next article: What’s the status of your bunker rakes in your backyard? With so many operators rethinking each and every aspect of the classic golf experience for the future and beyond, bunker rakes may not be guaranteed to return to your backyard course anytime soon. It’s about time you took a step back and re-evaluated your backyard, however, if you want your game to improve, then it’s about time you took the bull by the horns, literally. This article will go into more depth about rakes and how they can make a difference in your game.

While we’ve talked about how bunker rakes can help improve your game, let’s not forget about the overall value of this accessory. The thing about sand traps is that even though they offer some traction, you still want the balls to roll. A high quality rake is likely going to offer you a nice consistent workout while also helping the balls travel further from the tee shot.

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So now that you know that bunker rakes can help your game, you know what to look for to get the best ones. You’ll want to make sure that you buy a rake that’s built well. Look at its length and how far it goes up into the air. You may want to consider buying a longer wood that’s built to last. If you’re buying one outside of your backyard, then a shorter wood works better since you won’t have to worry about it rolling all over your neighborhood (which could be a real problem down on the fairway). It’s a good idea to check out a few online stores before making your final decision so you can get plenty of options.