Spring Song Aviary is located in Northern California, about an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I specialize in two specific breeds of “song canaries” ~ Belgian Waterslagers and Spanish Timbrados. I also have some beautiful Lady Gouldian Finches.

I consider my efforts a serious hobby and not a business. I do not “breed for greed” but to improve the quality of the breeds. I strive to raise healthy song birds that are outstanding examples of their breed. I select birds that sing beautiful harmonious songs with plenty of variety within their breed standards (Waterslagers and Timbrados)

My “foundation birds” (the first ones I bred) all came from excellent proven lines from other serious breeders. My original Waterslager pair were imported directly from Belgium, bred by Oliver and Luc Verminskle. Others were added from Don Stapleton, Ella Galik, Sara Palmer, Richard Rolloff and Sebastian Vallelunga. My first pair of Spanish Timbrados were a wonderful gift from Sebastian Vallelunga. Over the next few years birds from Ron Moy, Kim Asinger, and David Rose were added to my breeding program.

I want my males to have the kind of personality that spends his days singing for the joy of it. My hens need to be attentive mothers who carry outstanding song genes from their fathers. When spring approaches, I carefully select pairs with my goals in mind so they may produce outstanding show quality young. Each breed is kept in a different area of my house or in an outbuilding so that they can’t hear each other’s songs.

I try to show my young boys every year at their respective shows to obtain an independent judge’s opinion of the quality of my birds. I have been showing my birds in song competitions since 2002. Each year they have improved and have brought home several awards that I am very proud of. . I am especially honored to have achieved the status of “Champion Breeder” with the Western Waterslager Club and “Master Breeder” of Timbrados in the United Spanish Timbrado Fanciers.

  • “Champion Breeder of Waterslagers”
    Western Waterslager Club

  • • 2013 Western Waterslager Club Show
    6th Best Bird (114pt./6kl)

  • • 2010 Waterslager Club Show
    4th Place Team and 8th Best Bird

  • • 2007 Western Waterslager Club Show
    Best in Show (Highest Score) 120pt (301-WWC-06) Best Tour Awards for Rollande, Staaltone, Bellen

  • • 2006 Western Waterslager Club Show
    3rd Place Team and 1st Place Staaltone

  • • 2003-05 Western Waterslager Club Show
    Several 1st places in tours and a 120pt bird

  • • 2002 AWS Show
    Best Novice & 3rd Place Single
  • NOTE: Details of how my birds have scored can be found on the Western Waterslager Club Website under “Shows”. Breeder: “Black"

  • “Master Breeder of Spanish Timbrados”
    United Spanish Timbrado Fanciers

  • California Shows:
  • • 2012 Rafael Ortiz Judge's Special Award

  • • 2011 2nd Best Team and
    Rafael Ortiz Judge's Special Award

  • • 2010 Best of Show Bird and
    Rafael Ortiz Judge's Special Award

  • • 2009 2nd and 3rd Best Teams and 3rd Best Individual

  • • 2006 2nd Place High Scoring Bird

  • • 2005 – Best Novice Award


Bonnie Black
Owner & Breeder
Spring Song Aviary


telephone: 707.480.9542

baby handfed American Singer
A three week old, hand-fed American Singer Canary.

baby hanfed American Singer looking at  the camera
See him as an adult on the "Birds as Pets" page.

Some of the awards won by Bonnie Black & Spring Song Aviary.

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