A business analyst is someone who scrutinizes an organization


A business analyst is someone who scrutinizes an organization or business field and documents its current business, systems, or processes, analyzing the business model or the main integration of technologies with business. Business Analyst helps organizations in optimizing business processes, products, services, or software via data analysis. These analysts also write reports to be used by management or stakeholders. They play an important role in shaping strategies for organizations. Business analysts also play an important role in implementing changes for improving the business environment.

Analysts have two main objectives. First, they analyze business processes and strategies to find out the ways and means to improve the process, product, service, or software to achieve desired objectives. Second, they evaluate and test new technologies and systems that help in streamlining business processes. In addition, they can help project managers in managing resources effectively. For example, project managers can tell business analysts what types of personnel are available to handle a particular project, where manpower can be used most effectively, what type of equipment or tools are needed, and so on.

Training for a business analyst position may include training in accounting, data analysis, information systems, economics, communication, marketing, and technology. Candidates with the above mentioned skills are required to have strong computer-aided design (CAD) skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, creativity, and good problem-solving skills. Business analysts often work in the research and development departments of organizations. They may also find employment in government agencies and hospitals.