A business analyst is someone who studies an industry


A business analyst is someone who studies an industry or company domain and documents its functions, systems, or processes, analyzing the business structure or its application with information science. Business Analyst can work as part of a team, assisting managers or owners of companies in implementing changes to improve productivity, profit, and market share. In a business process, business analyst provides analysis and support for the improvement of business operations. They can perform research, gather information, and generate reports from business processes and systems using various methods including information science, computer science, statistical methodologies, engineering, and other related fields.

Reza Satchu

Analytical skills are essential for a business analyst role. The basic analytical skills include mathematical, statistical, qualitative, and application of analytical skills. These skills are necessary to conduct meaningful analysis, both in knowledge discovery and in providing relevant recommendations. Business analysts can use linear and non-linear analysis techniques such as structural equation modeling, optimization, and financial time series analysis. These techniques can be applied to almost all business process areas.

The ability to analyze and provide relevant guidance in a cost-effective manner is important for a successful business analyst role. Many business process analysts perform the function as consultants. They conduct research and documentation activities on behalf of their clients, assisting in the design of new systems, methods, and process that will yield the greatest return on investment. Business analysts are also called upon to conduct training for management and other personnel regarding new techniques and applications. Some analysts are employed directly by the company, performing work that may be needed to perform an important function in internal business processes. Other analysts work for external clients, providing reports and helping them to better understand and utilize their business processes.