MineCraft Survival Mode – How to Survive in Early Game Part 2

In case you have built your crafting table and basic tools, the next thing you will need to pursue is to build a good shelter for you. Since your primary purpose here is to settle in the land, you will want to do it based on the available resources that you have. It can be as big as your dreamy dwelling, or the giant lodge where you and your family members can live there together.

When planning to build the shelter, there is an important factor to cover first: location, location, and location. Every time you start the game on your favorite survival minecraft server, you will start from the “spawn point”. it is advisable to build your shelter nearby your spawn point.

That means if you die, you won’t need to travel for miles to find your shelter. You can respawn right at your shelter, or nearby the location. If you travel around so far in the early game, you will end up spawning far away from your shelter. When the spawn point is far away from your shelter, the risks are higher. You don’t know what’s lurking in the way to go there. The last thing you want is that you die before even reaching your shelter.

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When exploring, make sure you have observed all of the sections before proceeding to the next area. Don’t dig straight down or straight up. Digging a hole is fast and safe with easy work. Some frequent training can also be a great idea before you get serious with survival mode. The training will give you a good muscle memory wherein you can use the skills to build any design of shelter you want in the future.

Your first step is not about building a hunting lodge. Rather, you will want to create a little shelter which is convenient enough for your character to sleep and protect themselves from the beasts. With your crafted wooden sword, you can use it for your first self defense and aggressive system. As you come across some animals, or other creatures, you can whack them with your sword. If the animals are edible, you can have a delicious meal tonight. With the crafted sword as your companion, you can explore the world surrounding your shelter. Keep in mind that the time flies so fast here. So, you will want to focus on every crucial thing to equip yourself with the right tools and equipment. You only have 10 minutes from the start of your adventure until the sunset.

You can start the adventure earlier so that you can bring good ingredients tonight. There will be plenty of time to conduct all of the other things after surviving your first night in Minecraft survival mode.

If you are cooperating with your fellow friends, you can build the shelter faster and collect the natural resources without wasting your time.

For solo players, consider making a list of things to do on a daily basis to help you track your progress. The last thing you want is that you are left behind from the other players and cannot survive the rough competition.