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Source of your water appears clean, you’ll need examine the drinking water

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In a new analysis of EPA information 21 power plants across 10 states, including Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina and Ohio have disposed arsenic in rivers or other body of water. Reports show that landfills for power plants have polluted groundwater with harmful compounds in nearly 12 states. Although we have witnessed an increase in the amount of people who drink the water in bottles, it doesn’t mean you and your family are secure. Plastic bottles could release harmful chemicals into the water when they are kept exposed to the sunlight or are used repeatedly. However, you can take precautions to safeguard your family.

Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Exposure Lawsuit

1. Find an Municipal Water report.

The report has to be available to you pursuant to law. The report will reveal the levels of lead, nitrates, and the nitrites within your drinking water. The report will also indicate the acceptable percentages. When animal and human wastes come in contact with water they are able to show up as nitrates or Nitrites. Fertilizers, run-off of chemicals and erosion could also result in increased levels of these harmful substances. The report should also reveal whether there are any mercury levels arsenic, cyanide, or mercury.

2. Conduct a test for water safety inside your home.

Although the source of your water appears clean, you’ll need examine the drinking water inside your home to ensure that it is clean. The test will look for lead, bacteria Ecoli, lead, chlorine pesticides, nitrates and Nitrites. If your water is high in acidity it can lead to corrosion of your pipes that can cause lead to leach out into the water supply. The test at home is cost-effective and easy to carry out.

3. Use carbon filtering systems to purify your water

The carafe system is among of the cheapest methods of filtering the water you drink. You can also put filters on your faucet. The majority of them are straightforward screw-on installations that don’t require plumbing.

4. Make use of Carbon Filtering systems that cleanse your bath water

Many people are conscious of the necessity to shield their children from poisonous water, yet bath water is often a bit of a mystery. A clean bath is particularly essential for babies and toddlers. Warm water bathing can open the pores and lets chemicals be into the skin. It is possible to purchase an attached shower filter for low cost. You could also install carbon-filtering systems to your entire home. It is, of course, an costly alternative.