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SEO Audit and How It Keeps Search Engine Rankings High

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SEO audit is important for every business in order to increase the ranking of their website in different search engines. The most common way of increasing the website ranking is by making use of ethical practices, paid placement and unpaid submissions. Every business has to do an SEO audit from time to time as this will keep a check on the overall progress of the company and can indicate areas which need improvement.

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Before an SEO audit is conducted, it is imperative that there are some basic things in place. A written audit policy is a must-have as it contains all the requirements as well as the guidelines which should be followed while conducting the audit activities. The audit policy must make provision for inclusion of the business website URL in the report. This policy can be reviewed and amended at any point of time. An audit checklist is also necessary which includes the activities which should be carried out during the audit process.

The main objective of an audit activity is to detect the overuse of keywords and excessive use of internal links. A search engine marketing professional can identify these problems through his or her research. Another important thing which should be noted down in the audit report is the current search volume of the specific keyword which is used for the website. If the current volume is more than what the potential customers are looking for, it would mean that the keywords are being used unnecessarily and the website is being directed towards non-retain customers.