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A Look at New Inventors

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There are many ways to celebrate the birthdays of new inventors, but the easiest is to make a donation in their name to a charity of their choice, to help them further their vision and ideals. The New Inventors has been an excellent Australian television show, which was aired on ABC1 and was hosted by comedian and broadcaster James O’Loghlin. Each week featured three new inventions from the local area and short video clips. I have enjoyed them since they were first aired and I know many other people have as well.

help for new inventors

My favorite part of the show has always been the video tapes of the new inventors, sometimes with very amusing results. For example, one year there was a new invention by a plumber called Paul Young. He had invented a ‘Plunger’ which he used to unclog drains. However, instead of unclogging the drain by hand, he placed his ‘Plunger’ at the base of the drain and gently nudged it open with his foot, making sure to look carefully at his shoes before he pushed the plunger all the way down.

This was a very funny video that included many new invention ideas, but also gave us some insight into the lives of everyday people. There was also a segment where each week the New Inventors was interviewed about their inventions. Many of them appeared to be quite humble and were proud to have created something useful. It is an ideal show for young children to watch and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to see funny television and has an interest in inventions.