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Flatbed vs Wheel Lift Tow Truck

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When you or someone you know have a problem on the road like a car accident, vehicle malfunction, fat tire, or any other reason, you might not want to get help from the best towing service. After all, you will want to be moved away faster. But for the towing service company, it is important to dispatch the right truck to help you solve the problem, move the car safely without causing further damage.

Getting the right towing service will help you to manage all of the problems. But sending the wrong truck will be the last thing the service provider wants because it will just ruin your car. Your anaheim towing service provider needs accurate information from you about the model, year of production, as well as exact location of the incident. This will help the towing service company to decide to pick the right truck for towing your vehicle.

So, what kind of towing truck is suitable for solving your problem?

Back then, the towing services were simple as hook and chain. This method is dragging the vehicle with the back wheels on contact with the road. But you know that nowadays cannot be that simple. How if your back wheels are broken? Or, can a hook and chain make the moves safer and more secure?

Nowadays, the best towing truck to dispatch will depend on your vehicle. For instance, a larger van or car needs a heavy-duty towing truck. Meanwhile, smaller vehicles like city cars or mini buses require flatbed trucks. Without further ado, let’s just see the difference between flatbed and wheel lift towing trucks.

Wheel lift tow truck
Wheel lift truck keeps the two wheels of the vehicle on the ground. Meanwhile, the front or rear of the vehicles are placed on the cross bars hydraulic boom. The truck will lift the front or rear end. It will depend on the car’s transmission.

The wheel lift towing truck is usually a great solution for smaller or lighter vehicles.
Wheel lift tow truck near me is relatively more affordable than the flatbed towing. Usually, a good company will offer you soft straps on the wheels to avoid damaging the rims of your vehicle.

tow truck near me

Flatbed Towing

The flatbed towing truck has the tilted bed which can be moved to the ground level. The operator will place the vehicle on it. If by any reason, the vehicle does not move, the provider will use a winch to place the vehicle. In this case, the car will be safer on the deck and won’t use the tires to move. Instead, the truck will carry it wholly. Flatbed towing is a great option for 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive cars. But in common cases, this method is more prevalent for vehicles which are severely damaged.

Flatbed trucks are also the best option for long-distance travels. If the incident area is far away from the repair center, flatbed trucks cannot go wrong.

The selling point of the flatbed towing is the security. Once the car is connected to the truck deck, it will be secured and fit well. It can significantly minimize the chances of damage.