The Basics of Advanced PowerPoint Presentation Design

The fundamental ideas behind PowerPoint presentations and the presentation design process are fairly well known. In fact, a lot of people already use PowerPoint for its intended purpose: to share information and documents with colleagues and coworkers. However, PowerPoint is also useful as a marketing tool, in particular for delivering presentations and pitches to groups of people who would be highly interested and/or impressed by your business idea or concept. While basic concepts are not complicated and can be learned fairly quickly, the more advanced PowerPoint design concepts and processes tend to require deeper and more detailed learning before even attempt to attempt them on your own. For those who feel they are very good at PowerPoint presentation design but find themselves somewhat lacking when it comes to implementing these advanced techniques or concepts, consider taking a course – either online or at your local university.

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A course in advanced PowerPoint presentation design would begin with a brief introduction to the basics of PowerPoint and the various features it has, as well as how to make use of these features. The second part of the tutorial would focus on the underlying concepts of powerpoint presentation design. One example would be to learn how to make use of the tick marks and bullet points to better organize and present the visuals in your slides. Other things one may learn would be how to add text to powerpoint slides, such as motivating quotes, to better engage the viewers. Other aspects of advanced PowerPoint design might include learning how to integrate pictures into your slides, and how to utilize thumbnailing effects to better represent your information.

A course in advanced PowerPoint presentation design may also touch upon topics like adding videos and audio to your slides, as well as utilizing advanced transitions and effects to enhance the visual aspect of your slides. Other things one might learn might include learning how to properly insert footers between slides, and how to change the layout of the powerpoint presentation layout in order to fit your information in the proper space. When it comes to the actual creation of the final PowerPoint slides, you may also receive training on how to import and save files, how to edit existing graphics, how to add text, fonts, and logos. The course would then teach students how to create and save test reports that can be submitted to a variety of different employers for review and feedback.