Job Description of a Business Analyst


A business analyst is someone who studies an industry or particular domain and documents its business processes, systems, or methods, analyzing the business structure or its relationship with technology. Generally speaking, a business analyst is an expert in a particular area such as marketing, supply chain management, information systems, health care, or the social media. A business analyst helps in leading companies in analyzing their business processes, systems, or methods, testing and modifying existing methods and implementing new ones through information technology research. There are many areas in which a business analyst works and it is in his or her interest to study and document all of them.

In order to obtain this position, one must be able to understand and document all of the business needs of organizations. This position is very important and requires the ability to assess the current business needs, the resources available, the cost involved, and the future of the company. For this position, one must have a strong background in statistics and other forms of business analysis. A strong understanding of technology, computer science, computer applications, marketing, finance, business analysis, and business law are also necessary to perform the job well. To get into the business analyst role, you should have a college degree or a related degree such as the MBA.

One can find many small, medium, or large firms requiring business analysts. It is in their interest to hire business analysts because in this field, they are provided with a systematic and methodical way of studying the business problems of the company. To perform a successful analysis, a business analyst must be able to analyze business problems in detail and must be able to use computers, databases, and information technology in a coordinated and detailed manner. Being a good communicator is also an important requirement for the business analyst job.