Trees provide a myriad of environmental, economic


Trees provide a myriad of environmental, economic, and aesthetic benefits throughout the world. Trees have played an integral role in our lives from the beginning of time. Today, trees are an integral part of the urban landscape of cities like New York, where tree-situated communities have prospered for decades. Trees provide a variety of benefits to both humans and nature through their natural processes, such as pollination, energy generation, cooler days, and more.

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As people continue to invest in green living, they are starting to see that trees can be an economically and environmentally beneficial investment. Urban trees reduce noise and reduce air quality, which allows people to live closer to the community and participate in activities there. Trees have long been known to increase property values, which is also good for the economy. Trees provide numerous other tree benefits such as: creating habitats for wildlife, improving water quality and quantity, improving soil fertility and structure, purifying the air, providing protection from pollutants, and providing recreation opportunities like hiking and biking.

With all of these tree benefits to the environment and your property value, it’s not surprising that people are choosing to beautify their surroundings with shade trees and grow their own. Tree shading protects your home from the heat of the sun and reduces heat gain inside the house; shade trees can also provide a year-round source of food and other plant life. Shade trees can be used in the backyard to grow year-round flowers, shade an outdoor space, or provide year-round gardening. The best thing about growing your own is you get to save money. Tree benefits are clearly worth spending a little extra effort to grow your own.